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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad

So you’ve discovered YFU, downloaded all the forms, and have already decided which country you want to go to. Now you’re facing something that seems almost impossible… convincing your parents to let you study abroad.

We at YFU know the benefits of student exchanges, but your parents don’t yet! So here are some things you should tell your parents about while trying to convince them to let you go on what will be the best experience of your life.

1. You will get to learn/practice a language

One of the greatest things about going on exchange is that you get a rare chance to immerse yourself in another language for a year. If you’ve been studying the language at school, then it’s a great opportunity to use it in the real world and take your skills to another level. If it’s a language you don’t speak at all, there’s no better way to learn it than full immersion. Either way, you will come home from your exchange with superior language skills than your classmates.

2. They will save money when you live abroad

A lot of parents will be unsure about the cost of exchanges, but apart from reminding them that it’s worth every cent, maybe let them know how much money they’ll save when you’re away. They don’t have to pay for food, electricity, school supplies, new clothes, or anything while you’re abroad. This can lessen the cost of going on exchange by quite a bit!

3. It will be good for your future

When you finish school and start applying for universities and jobs, you’re going to be one applicant out of thousands. Anything to make you stand out above everyone else will help you to achieve your dreams, and participation in a YFU exchange program definitely makes you a better applicant. Not only do you have an extra language and international experience, but having been an exchange student shows that you are responsible, determined, outgoing and capable.

4. You will grow into a more responsible person

Going on a student exchange contributes enormously to your personal growth. Whether your exchange is for a month or a year, a student exchange will thrust you into brand new situations where you have to learn to adapt. The problem-solving, independence and confidence you will develop as a result will help you come back home as a more mature and responsible young adult.

5. Compromise

Are you still having trouble convincing your parents to let you study abroad for a year? Then try to compromise. If they’re unsure about letting you travel halfway across the globe, then try for Germany instead of the US (or the US instead of Germany, depending on where you live). If they don’t want to let you go for a whole year, then there are a number of semester or summer programs you can choose from. See if you can come to a decision that your parents are happy with and that still lets you have the amazing experience of studying abroad!

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