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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A student experience in Austria... Antonia Kamenowa

This week our sweet student Antonia, a 10th grader from Botevgrad, told us a little bit about how's her experience going in Austria. She's been living in Salzburg, Austria, for about 6 months now, and she has some interesting insights to share! 

Here we go:

"So, as you know I'm an exchange student in Austria. I came here after 15 long hours with a bus. Then, I was on a train for 3 hours having no idea where I was going. I was just sitting in the there, smiling at everyone, because I was scared. After those 3 hours went by I was in Salzburg, my second home for one year.
When the train door opened, I saw him, my second father. He was happy to see me. I hug him and I felt safe. After that, I turned and I saw four girls and my host-mother running towards me. I told myself that I'm lucky to have people like them around me. 

At the train station... My first day here in Austria!

As my host-mother said, my first day was "my free day from speaking German", but then I learned the language so fast! It's a little bit funny because now my German is better than my English.

About cultural differences in between Bulgaria and Austria, Antonia says:

"That's a large theme but, for example, in Austria everything is planned. You know where you are you on holidays 6 months ahead, or when is your next school test. In Bulgaria you aren't so organised. You can make so many things spontaneously."
My first prom!

A pic from my Art class trip to Venezia, and the second
picture is my host sis and I celebrating in Austria's traditional dresses. 
It was so fun!

We also asked her about her Christmas time abroad:

Christmas day was so funny haha... 
Our first photo with a selfie stick!
"What about my first Christmas far away from my family? 
It was really strange, but it was wonderful. I was with so many friends and I was really happy, knowing people like them."

And also my first meeting with a donkey!

New Year's was awesome with our friends from Stuttgart. We miss them so much now...

"I'm proud to be part of Gehmacher's family. It's really funny because we are like kids sometimes, just laughing, singing, playing different kinds of games and so many other things together. I also have the sister I've always wanted. She is an amazing person and I also appreciate everything that she's done for me."

Thank you, Antonia, for sharing all of this with us! What's left of your exchange year will only get better and better!

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